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Document Translation, Editing, and Transcreation UK

What we offer

We offer a comprehensive range of language services, from the classic written translation to the subtitling of your footage.

We provide you with quality, reliability and excellent customer service, whether it’s a big or a small project. The documents you entrust to us will be translated with the right style and according to your needs, by scrupulously chosen translators specialized in their own field. Those professionals only work into their mother tongue to ensure an idiomatic and accurate translation.

Our services

Besides text translation and proofreading, we also provide different services for your multimedia content:
– Localization of website and application
– Transcreation of marketing content
– Transcription of audio/video recordings
– Delivery of the transcript as subtitles.

Feel free to contact us for a free quote or if you have any questions. The price will vary according to the languages and the subject of the document.

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Our Prices

TranslationFrom £80per thousand wordsMore
ProofreadingFrom £20per thousand wordsMore
TranscriptionFrom £15per 15min of audioMore
SubtitlingFrom £30per 10min of videoMore

Our Assessment

Although each project undergoes a quality assessment before being delivered, our overriding concern is that you are happy with the result. If you have any query following the delivery, we will refine the work for free so you are entirely satisfied. There is a minimum charge of £30 for any query and first time clients get 20% off.