Proofreading for Students

Welcome to BrightWords Student Proofreading Services, a trusted name in Brighton’s proofreading services. We are here to help you achieve your full potential in your written and academic work.

Why students need proofreading services

Student life can be manic for the major part of your educational journey and the mark you receive from your final project, thesis or dissertation, influences your degree in tremendous ways.

Many years of research, coursework and writing can take up a large part of your time. Regardless of all the work you put in, it needs to be submitted, not only on-time, but also in the highest standard possible in order for you to get that pass mark and ultimately that well-deserved degree. Yet even an exceptional end project may hinder your success, if the institutions instructions for editing are not followed accurately.

As a student, your university work will probably be the most important undertaking you will have and your thesis or dissertation will be the most important piece of writing you will ever write.

Things like spelling, grammar and punctuation inaccuracies can be easily overlooked, and so it is always advisable to have an additional “set of eyes” like BrightWords, taking a look at your work, to achieve a positive end-result and to save you from a drawn-out process of back and forth undertakings.

Our Student Proofreading Service

No one knows this better than us, so we are here to lend a helping hand. Our company does a comprehensive job – we double check and perfect your references and citations, we correct grammar, spelling and punctuation errors. If your university or establishment has a specific style guide, we can ensure your work conforms to it. We take precedence in making sure our clients are content with the end-result and feel like they are getting their money’s worth.

For as little as £20 per thousand words, our Student Proofreading facilities together with our highly qualified team, range from supporting you with not only your Thesis, Dissertations, Term Papers, Essays and Assignments, but we also help with PowerPoint Presentations, Websites, books, brochures, transcripts and lots more additional submissions.

A thorough review of your document

Through our comprehensive academic Student Proofreading Service, we are able to add real value to documents such as:

  •        Theses
  •        Dissertations
  •        Assignments
  •        Applications
  •        Essays
  •        Reports
  •        Term Papers

Let us help you

BrightWords services, is located in the center of Brighton and is easily accessible from our very own Brighton Station. Feel free to contact us by filling our online form or you can also get in touch with us via our social networks and we will get back to you within 24 hours. No task is too big or mundane for us, all of your content deserves perfection. Our proofreaders are specialized in different subjects, so whatever your discipline is, someone will have the skills to help you out. We take utmost pride in our services and we strive to deliver quality and timeliness to make you entirely satisfied and relaxed. Your proofreader will generally review up to 6000 words a day, depending on the subject. We know we can assist you in the finest and most proficient way possible.