Proofreading Services

You have a foreign text of a poor quality?
Do you need your documents to be flawless?
Are you sure the promotional materials for your business are faultless?

Proofreading Services

Our proofreading service will ensure your text is free from any spelling, grammatical and syntactical mistakes in any language. We can check your website, brochure, PowerPoint presentation, essay, book, and many other types of documents before they are being published.

We can also proofread a document that has been translated, compare it to the original and let you know if it needs further editing.


Your text will be edited to make it smooth and idiomatic. We can polish the style if you need a sophisticated writing and adapt it to your target audience if required. The editor has an eye for detail and finds a better phrasing when possible. The terminology is also thoroughly checked to maximise the accuracy and relevance of your text.

The changes can be recommended on side notes if you prefer having a look first and validate the suggested modifications.