Translation Services

Do you want your business to reach the market of another country?

Do you have a very important article to be published worldwide?

Professional English, French and International Translation Services

Whatever you need, we ensure that your message is fully conveyed, accurate and culturally relevant. We help you come across the language barrier and communicate on a global scale.

You demand high rigorous standards? So do we. That’s why only native speaker professionals will take on the translation to provide an idiomatic phrasing while being faithful to the original. Our translators are detail-focused and will make sure nothing is lost in translation.

Once the translation is done, a second native translator will proofread it.

The work is undertaken with a translation memory software in order to be consistent with terminology. It also means that when you update a document we already translated, you will only be charged for the translation of the new content. We can also work from your own translation memory or specific terminology.

If you are still worried about quality, you can always ask for an additional proofreading or editing service for your peace of mind.


Localisation is mostly used for software, websites, mobile applications, video games, e-learning, etc. It includes translation, but also an adaptation of the product to a specific region. The content is translated into the chosen language or dialect and all the non-textual elements are adapted to suit the target audience.



Transcreation is a creative translation process which is especially used for slogans and advertisement. It enables to keep a catchy phrase alive and its message well understood by your target customers. The difference of culture and perception requires adjustments to help building your image and campaign abroad.

To optimize the accuracy of the transcreation, we need you to provide a lot of context about the spirit of your brand/business. A close collaboration with you is necessary to use the right tone and convey the right message to your target audience.

This process is vital to ensure an excellent communication in line with cultural and language nuances, and successfully reach the global market.